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BUILDINGimage undertakes commissions for the photography of buildings, townscapes, gardens and landscapes.

Buildings photography includes interiors as well as exteriors, and architectural details which complement or help to define the architectural character. Rectified photography is also offered, to provide architects, surveyors and archaeologists with scalable elevations of historic structures.

Viewpoints and natural lighting directions are carefully considered to enable the development to be captured at its best.

Successful location-based photography requires patience, an element of luck, but most importantly, considerable forward planning. Prospective clients are therefore reminded that although urgent shoots are often undertaken to meet tight deadlines, the best sets of images are usually the result of a more considered approach.

Commissioned photographs can be supplied in the form of colour transparencies (generally 6x7cm originals) and/or digital files of up to 250MB on CD.

Commissioned work is normally charged at between £500-£600 per day, or pro rata per half day, plus expenses. Estimates and fixed price quotations can also be prepared.

BUILDINGimage is based in Surrey and therefore most commissioned work is in the south and south-east of England. However, consideration will always be given to travelling further afield for an interesting project.