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00472-10 (Girl on buffalo)

00474-4 (Batak woman)

00490-8 (Winnowing the rice)

00495-4 (Boys, Jogyakarta)

00495-7 (Malaysian girls)

00495-8 (Malaysian girls)

00577-3 (Dartmouth)

00577-4 (Dartmouth)

20003 (Oscar Wilde)

20004 (Oscar Wilde)

i-000565 (Pottery kiln, Spain)

i-000576 (Pottery kiln, Spain)

i-000579 (Pottery kiln, Spain)

i-002231 (Paul Young)

i-002245 (Paul Young)

i-002260 (Paul Young and Los Pacaminos)

i-002263 (Paul Young and Los Pacaminos)

i-002284 (Rick Wills of The Jones Gang)

i-002290 (Rick Wills of The Jones Gang)

i-002327 (The Jones Gang)

i-002336 (The Jones Gang)

i-002356 (Rick Wills of The Jones Gang)

i-002372 (The Jones Gang)

i-002374 (The Jones Gang)

i-005727 (Surfer, Watergate Bay, Cornwall)

i-005731 (Wipe out! Watergate Bay, Cornwall)

i-005756 (Watergate Bay, Cornwall)

i-005790 (Watergate Bay, Cornwall)

i-005793 (Watergate Bay, Cornwall)

i-007114 (Surfer, Watergate Bay, Cornwall)