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Building details

00003-8 (Spiral staircase)

00494-10 (Drinking fountain)

00499-10 (Aviary mast)

00555-2 (Shells)

00555-3 (Ribbon pointing)

00605-5 (Bruges)

00606-8 (Doors, Bruge)

00692-8 (Chimney pots 1)

00726-6 (Roof and chimneys I)

00726-7 (Roof and chimneys II)

00734-11 (Doors 1, Dublin)

20012 (Lytch gate)

20015 (Spiral staircase)

30001 (Fibroporia vaillantii)

30002 (Roof valley)

30003 (Chimney)

30004 (Reform Club)

i-000561 (Door knocker)

i-000640 (Keyhole, Almeria)

i-000789 (Lantern, Granada)

i-001652 (Chimneys, Albury, Surrey)

i-001801 (Ironmongery, Germany)

i-001804 (Ironmongery, Germany)

i-001826 (Mermaid/man)

i-002583 (Special brick)

i-002693 (Barge-board)

i-002832 (More London Place)

i-002946 (Tower Bridge)

i-007177 (Georgian brickwork)

i-008260 (Georgian capital)

i-008270 (Brass handle)

i-008361 (Red door)

i-008557 (Blocked hopper)

i-008560 (Broken slates)

i-008575 (Eroded bricks)

i-008605 (Eroded bricks)

i-008862 (Columns, St George

i-100-2365 (Unicorn, Hampton Court)