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Buildings, UK

00588-3 (Spectrum Leisure Centre)

00570-2 (Canary Dwarf)

00694-5 (Church of All Souls)

00575-10 (1 London Bridge)

00617-3 (Brighton Pier)

00527-2 (Lloyds of London)

00575-9 (1 London Bridge)

00670-8 (Pippbrook Offices, Dorking)

00586-8 (Guildford)

20009 (Surrey university)

20010 (Surrey university)

20018 (Shed Zed)

i-000105 (Windmill, Norfolk)

i-000840 (Knowle Village, Hampshire)

i-000854 (Knowle Village, Hampshire)

i-000868 (Knowle Village, Hampshire)

i-001081 (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)

i-001083 (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)

i-001320 (Hampton Court Palace)

i-001329 (Hampton Court Palace)

i-001358 (Hampton Court Palace)

i-001362 (Hampton Court Palace)

i-001564 (Warwick)

i-002022 (Abbott

i-002487 (The Pepperpot, Godalming)

i-002501 (Godalming, Surrey)

i-002543 (Tate Modern, London)

i-002548 (Tate Modern, London)

i-002610 (Big Ben)

i-002620 (Big Ben)

i-002673 (The Homewood, Esher, Surrey)

i-002674 (The Homewood, Esher, Surrey)

i-002770 (Battersea)

i-002833 (6 More London Place)

i-002917 (Tower Bridge)

i-002924 (Tower Bridge/Swiss Re tower)

i-002933 (Gherkin/Tower of London)

i-002946 (Tower Bridge)

i-002947 (Tower Bridge)

i-002955 (Tower Bridge House)

i-007037 (Huf haus, Farnham)

i-007038 (Huf haus, Farnham)

i-008099 (Office building, Chatham)

i-008105 (Redevelopment, Chatham)

i-008112 (Redevelopment, Chatham)

i-008694 (Royal Crescent, Bath)

i-008777 (Vicars

i-008782 (Vicars